Why Include Short Videos in Your Marketing Strategy?

In 2024, the majority of consumers (73%) indicated a preference for viewing short videos to gain knowledge about products or services. Additionally, a significant percentage of marketers (56%) expressed their intention to prioritize investing in short-form videos as the leading trend.

(Hubspot Source)


Many times, we uninstall Instagram from our mobile devices because we cannot resist squandering our time mindlessly browsing through the app and consuming numerous short videos in a single session. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? 

So, what is the reason for the immense popularity of short-form videos?

Short-form videos refer to videos that last for less than 30 seconds, providing information in a concise and easily understandable format. This allows viewers to quickly watch and save the content when they are busy or watch it repeatedly.

The attention spans of consumers are getting shorter.

Short-form videos gained popularity for various reasons. Some are as follows-

  1. They have a lower cost and are simpler to produce compared to longer videos.

    With extended videos, marketers and creators face the challenge of putting in extra effort to ensure their audience remains attentive.

    Doing all of that requires additional time, exertion, and (above all) finances.

    Short videos that are concise and straight to the point are often more effective and do not need excessive decoration.

    In our busy lives, time is valuable, and short videos enable us to quickly grasp the information we require in less than a minute. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

    Short videos can be conveniently viewed on our smartphones almost anywhere and at a

    This is not just beneficial for consumers, but it also benefits marketers by allowing them to reuse their content across different platforms with the assurance that it will be seen by someone, regardless of the source.

  2. Short videos can be easily shared and have the potential to reach a larger audience, ultimately boosting the visibility of your brand.

    It is simple to share short videos on various platforms by just clicking a button. The convenience of sharing content motivates users to distribute it to their networks, leading to a significant expansion in its reach.

  3. Short videos can effectively depict the story of your brand.

    Whether it’s narrating the journey of your startup or providing a behind-the-scenes peek into the manufacturing process of your products, these insights into the background of your brand enhance its relatability and genuineness.

    Videos have the potential to emphasize the fundamental principles and purpose of your brand. For example, if your business values sustainability, a concise video displaying environmentally-friendly methods can strongly appeal to viewers who are concerned about the well-being of the planet.

    Creating short videos that highlight your team and the culture of your workplace assists in associating real people with your brand. It brings a personal touch to your business and demonstrates that there are genuine and enthusiastic individuals behind the products or services you provide.

    Music, voiceovers, and visuals in short videos can evoke strong emotions. Whether it’s happiness, excitement, or even nostalgia, tapping into these emotions makes your brand memorable.

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