AIDTM: Launching Adani’s Educational Institute for Higher Studies

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Adani is a globally recognized conglomerate with a diverse portfolio that spans across numerous sectors, including energy, logistics, agribusiness, and real estate. As part of its commitment to enhancing its presence in the education sector, Adani decided to establish its second institute in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, focusing on higher studies in Big Data Analytics and Technology Management.


In order to launch the institute digitally and create a robust social media presence, Adani sought the expertise of Pixel Ideas. The team at Pixel Ideas was entrusted with the responsibility of developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would not only help promote the institute but also create a strong brand image and reputation for Adani in the education sector.

The Solution

To begin with, the team at Pixel Ideas conducted a thorough analysis of the target audience of the institute and their preferences. Based on this analysis, they developed a social media content calendar that included a mix of informative and engaging content, such as educational blog posts, infographics, and videos. The aim was to create a cohesive social media presence for the institute that would help to build brand awareness and reputation among the target audience.

To ensure the success of the digital marketing efforts, Pixel Ideas employed the latest tools and technologies to measure the performance of the various marketing channels and optimize them accordingly. The team was able to deliver impressive results, including a significant increase in website traffic, social media engagement.

Execution & Result

Pixel Ideas worked closely with the Adani team to understand their vision, goals, and target audience. Based on this understanding, the team developed a multi-channel digital marketing plan that included social media campaigns, designing emails, and developing landing pages.

Thanks to the efforts of Pixel Ideas, the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management was able to establish a strong and cohesive social media presence that helped to build a positive brand image and reputation. The social media campaigns were successful in attracting potential students to the institute, resulting in an increase in enrollment numbers.

Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management

AIDTM was established in 2020, with the core commitment of creating continuously employable professionals in the field of Big Data Analytics and Technology Management. Vision that drives AIDTM is to bridge the gap between pioneering ideas and futuristic disruptive technology driven innovation requires great learning. 

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