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HCP is involved in numerous prominent architectural projects across India, boasting a team of over 300 employees and managing multiple projects simultaneously. However, with a multitude of updates that needed to be showcased on their website, the HCP team found the limitations of their old PHP-based website prohibitive. They lacked the ability to fully customize the website, and were unable to easily add the latest updates themselves, making them reliant on their website development partners.


HCP recognized the need for a more modern and flexible website that would allow them to showcase their latest architectural projects and updates to clients and stakeholders in real-time. To achieve this, they sought to develop a new website that would offer a greater degree of customizability, while also providing the ability to easily and quickly share updates on the website without the need for a developer.

The Solution

In order to meet the specific requirements and expectations of HCP, our team at Pixel Ideas recommended that the new website be developed on WordPress. We chose this platform due to its unique ability to provide 100% customizability while also being user-friendly for the HCP team. 

However, a key challenge that we faced was that HCP had very specific design requirements and had defined everything down to the last pixel. This made the development process particularly difficult, as even though WordPress is a relatively easy platform to work with, significant custom coding was required in order to meet the precise design specifications of the HCP team.

Execution & Result

Despite these challenges, our team was able to successfully develop a custom WordPress website that fully met the needs and requirements of HCP. We worked closely with the HCP team throughout the development process, taking their feedback and input into account at every stage. By utilizing our extensive expertise and knowledge of WordPress, we were able to create a site that was not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly for both the visitors and for the team working in the backend to keep everything up to date.

In the end, the custom WordPress site provided HCP with the flexibility and control they needed to manage their website content and updates without the need for a developer. This helped them to streamline their operations, stay up-to-date with their latest projects and developments, and better engage with their clients and stakeholders.

HCP Design, Planning and Management

HCP is a 60-year-old multidisciplinary practice that has given rise to six allied organizations, HCP was founded by Hasmukh C. Patel in 1960. Today, it is a design practice with over 300 people, with offices at Ahmedabad, Delhi and Pune. HCP is a multidisciplinary practice that provides professional services in architectural design, interior design, engineering, urban design, urban planning, communications, project management and construction management.

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