Rahasya: Creating Digital Presence for world’s first India infused Vodka

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Rahasya Vodka is a unique Indian-origin vodka brand that aimed to highlight its Indian heritage and the depth of its roots in India through its website. The Rahasya team desired a website design that would be both traditional and modern, with a minimalist approach. The website design needed to showcase the brand’s cultural origins while also conveying its modern sensibilities.


Blisswater Industries approached Pixel Ideas with a project to design and develop a website for their upcoming nation-wide launch of Rahasya Vodka. The website was deemed as an integral part of their digital presence, as it would serve as the primary platform for consumers to learn about the brand, its product, and related information.

The Solution

Pixel Ideas took on the challenge and worked closely with Blisswater Industries to understand their vision and requirements for the website. The team carefully crafted a user-friendly interface that reflected the brand’s identity and showcased its unique selling points. They also integrated features such as an online store, recipe section, and social media links to enhance user engagement and brand awareness.

In order to truly capture the essence of Rahasya Vodka’s India origin theme and methodology, Pixel Ideas’ research team conducted a deep analysis of various cultural nuances and aesthetic elements associated with Indian heritage, such as intricate designs, vibrant colors, and traditional patterns.

Execution & Result

This extensive research allowed Pixel Ideas to create a design that not only reflected the brand’s unique identity, but also resonated with its audience. The team carefully incorporated elements of Indian culture into the website’s design, such as using traditional patterns in the background and incorporating images of Indian spices and herbs. These subtle touches added depth and authenticity to the website’s overall look and feel.

By taking a thoughtful and strategic approach to design, Pixel Ideas was able to create a website that not only met Blisswater Industries’ requirements but also captured the essence of the brand. The end result was a visually stunning and user-friendly website that effectively communicated Rahasya Vodka’s story, values, and products to its audience.

Blisswater Industries – Rahasya Vodka

Blisswater Industries Pvt Ltd is the first-ever Indian sensibilities Alcobev. Blisswater aims to bring you innovative and unique blends in Alcobev focused on traditional sensibilities and drawing inspiration from old civilization. Blisswater makes products that are an expression of India’s artistry and diversity. Blisswater’s flagship product Rahasya Vodka is crafted from the finest Indian flavors to capture the essence of India in a bottle. Inspired by the mysticism and heritage that is India

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